About Kedi Healthcare

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KEDI Healthcare has established itself as a world-class, and leading global provider of healthcare products and equipment. It is a conglomerate with business interests in pharmaceutical sectors in China that promotes Traditional Chinese Medical Culture worldwide.

KEDI Healthcare’s business strength is based on a capability and expertise built up over many years, basking in over 5000 years of Chinese herbal knowledge which has contributed immensely to the health and longevity of the Chinese people.

Her partners include; pharmaceutical companies, government, bio-technologies, universities, schools involved in a broad range of activities and in industry for healthcare research and development. As an original healthcare provider, KEDI Healthcare does not only provide Traditional Chinese Medicines, they also have Food Supplements under the company’s new brand popularly known as VITANATURE, and healthcare equipment.

KEDI Healthcare has a highly pro-active after sales service, technical support capability and offers support globally, either through approved partners or its own service team.

Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of healthcare, KEDI Healthcare aims to setup Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Chinese Herbal Medicine Research Institute Worldwide.

KEDI Healthcare commits itself to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) culture worldwide, to introduce the quintessence of Chinese Medicine and to contribute to the wellbeing of mankind.

KEDI achieves this by providing the highest quality healthcare products. KEDI attracts, recruits, and retains the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and provides a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally.

Our mission to save and sustain lives inspires our work and commitment to continuously expand access to care, providing cost-effective healthcare solutions, deliver quality products and advanced healthcare innovations for the world.

KEDI is committed to provide every client with consistent and reliable consultation services, innovative healthcare solutions and constant product availability using its superior distributor’s network management.

Our Goal is to provide our customers with healthcare solutions to suit their needs and to provide these solutions at an affordable price. Our goal captures the essence of who we are and how we interact with one another. It directs how we get involved with the market, and our commitment to deliver excellently to all our customers.

The Independent Distributor

Kedi Distributor in Lagos Daniel Gregrose

DANIEL GREGROSE is an Engineer by profession and an Entrepreneur by practice. He has been directly involved with alternative Healthcare from childhood, thus understands the benefits thereof.

As one who doesn't believe in the general saying "knowledge is power", He believes that power is produced by "Application of Knowledge". Daniel by direct use and results has come to a resolve that KEDI HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY provides world class organic products for the general wellbeing of the Human body with decades of extraordinary testimonials from the users.

This therefore opens up a sure and sustainable business/partnership opportunity for anyone and everyone who is interested in being a distributor of KEDI Healthcare products. The Healthcare business sphere is globally undeserved, making it still a multi-billion dollar opportunity everyday.

Wealth/Success is seeking out a problem and providing solutions to such. Join us today from your city or country to solve the Healthcare challenges of millions around the world with KEDI Healthcare, as you also receive all the support necessary from our team of professionals to earn a good living as an Independent KEDI Distributor.